The Company

SoftPort UK is a brand owned by Khalidi PLC 12397523 registered in London, United Kingdom

We develop cutting edge innovative Software Applications, Websites, Web Applications, Mobile Applications for small and medium sized business all over Europe. We build quality solutions that look great and drive business expansions through increased digital traffic, as well as help in growing client bases with creating beautiful websites and web applications. We are one of the Best Software Development Companies in the UK and we believe in providing quality solutions to our customers.

SoftPort has wonderfully talented software engineers that work with talented and creative designers to make software mesmerizing and easy to operate. We are a rapidly growing company that is hungry to succeed.

Hunger to succeed || Client Satisfaction || On Time Delivery
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Our Story

SoftPort started out as a side business for its founders freelancing to make some extra cash on the side. The attention to detail and value-added services due to their management backgrounds made clients extremely happy which in turn brought in more business by word of mouth.

Gradually the side hustle became a full-time business, and SoftPort brought in investors recently to expand their footprint globally. The founder’s vision is to make SoftPort a Global software powerhouse that can make India proud.

  • Our Story 1
    Manifest Award

    We are a compassionate business that believes in empowering individuals in achievement of their dreams. We believe in people not resources, our employees are carefully screened and shortlisted for their technical excellence, ambition, creativity, attitude towards customers, their work ethic, social & environmental responsibility along with the ability to learn fast and innovate.

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    Development Center of Excellence

    SoftPort in its pursuit of Excellence and quality software development decided to setup multiple Centers of Excellence in India to tap the creatively Genious talent as well as expand its portfolio and its team. SoftPort as a team is growing into a world class Organization working on next generation technologies such as AI and Blockchain.

  • Our Story 2
    Softport expands Globally

    SoftPort as the brand was coined and came into being in Jan 2020 as we expanded further into the US, North American and the South American markets with a minimum infrastructure to tap the international markets and the insatiable demand fueled by lockdowns and the need for businesses to go online.

  • Our Story 3
    SoftPort takes shape

    A decision was made to incorporate a company and jump into the software development business fulltime and take things to the next level. A Major Milestone for the company which set forth the next phase of growth. The company Khalidi PLC named after the founders was formalized in Jan 2019 and several key measures were put into place to ensure that the quality of the Software produced was top notch with Quality being the key focus. During the pandemic we began to grow phenomenally and started taking on more complex software development projects

  • Our Story 3
    First Mobile Application

    SoftPort started developing Mobile Applications for their clients starting from small enterprise applications to On demand Applications for ordering food as well as Social and E Commerce applications. We develop Native Android and iOS Applications for our clients

  • Our Story 4
    First Major Project

    2017 ushered in a new dawn with a major Website Development project for a known multinational company which won a lot of recognition for SoftPort increasing its footprint

  • Our Story 5
    Freelancing as a Side Business

    SoftPort started as a part time opportunity of the founders who started building simple websites as a hobby. The efforts and designs were liked by many they soon found work by word of mouth.

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Our Values ?

Innovation Ideas

We like to think out of the box and deploy technology in unconventional ways to save costs and improve productivity for the customer and the company. We dare to experiment and make mistakes to learn and improve


We value best practices that support our customers’ needs combined with cutting edge and unconventional technology to develop new future-ready solutions every day providing an unmatched caliber and Excellence


We believe in Excellence for ourselves as well as for our products and customers. Excellence is gained by striving for perfection everyday

Our Work Ethic

We are a Compassionate business that believes in empowering individuals in achievement of their dreams. We believe in people not resources, our employees are carefully screened and shortlisted for their Technical Excellence. ambition, creativity, attitude towards customers, their work ethic, social & environmental responsibility along with the ability to learn fast and innovate.


We are a simple, straightforward company and value being close to reality. We hate bureaucracy & therefore adopt flexibility to accommodate our clientele’s requirements ensuring customer satisfaction


We support the customer with the best Technical, Management & Operational know-how, for you to achieve your objectives. We support ourselves internally to stay strong and focused to deliver quality products.

Our Approach

We are a small company with big dreams, and we strongly believe that Technology is a great leveler, therefore we support the small and medium sized businesses with technology to drive efficiency within the organization, boost productivity and increase sales or market share.

We treat the clients
business as our own

Innovative and beautifully designed Software Development is our obsession.

We support our clients as partners and value long term relationships that are mutually fruitful, most of our clients return back to us and we provide ample support and expertise to leverage technology in their domains

Awesome Clients

Our customers are small and medium organizations who work with fantastic people. We work with clients whose culture closely reflects ours and thereby creating more synergies and fantastic teamwork

Innovative Problem Solvers

We take on the overwhelming problematic projects and resolve them by cutting edge technology and creativity for our clients

Fueling Innovation

We cultivate creativity and nurture the best talent always training and mentoring our people to excel. We love to take on new things where we learn along with our clients.

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Our Philosophy

Our founder’s ideology and success mantra is working with ethical and driven individuals that wanted to change the world.

The same culture is reflected throughout the organization with people working together passionately to achieve their goals and dreams along with the organizational objectives.

This makes the SoftPort team a winning team which drives happiness.

Bring your Digital Dreams to life with


A company that is responsive to your needs and is willing to support you all the way. We produce applications that not only mesmerize, they work flawlessly to deliver the results each and every time

Driving Revenue
Ensuring you are future ready today
Boosting your business ambitions

Frequently Asked

We are always here to answer more questions. We are amenable to answering all queries to satisfy you.

  • What are our main Expertise?

    Our capability as a Software Development Company lies in the development of web and mobile apps with a functional focus. You can appoint any technology company to construct a website or an app, but we build them with a difference. We have experienced industry consultants who team up with every project and add their understanding and knowledge to our solutions. We advise our clients with small innovative strategies that add value to their existing operations and support them to achieve their objectives.

  • We begin by doing a thorough requirement analysis of your business or idea through a set of discussions, audits, team meetings, and business analysis, etc. Then we go back to the drawing board to define the project scope, functionalities, requirements, priorities, risks, and tasks in detail.

    This is deliberated upon together as a team, finalized and approved. Once the approval and commitment is received, we start by working on the design templates. In parallel, we work on the workflows and the wireframes necessary to develop your solution. With the User Experience and User Interfaces approved, we begin developing functionalities as per your priority and testing them parallelly.

    We build your solution by adding layers on top of layers to ensure seamless integrations and quality. If there are any improvements or changes, we analyze and update the scope. At the end of the testing, we initiate the handover project, complete the training and documentation during the support period.

  • It all starts with a preliminary call or a video consultation with you to introduce our expertise and clear up your needs and requirements related to the project objectives and to explore the prospects of a future business relationship.

    We produce detailed requirement analysis meetings to ascertain the exact requirements from your end.

    A comprehensive and detailed proposal is then prepared along with calculations of time and effort including a breakdown of the structure proposed. We will communicate continuously at this stage to ensure that both parties are on the same understanding.

    Upon approval, a contract is signed, and the project starts once the advance payment is received.

  • Our processes are transparent & our communication is strong

    We appoint a full-service in-house team along with business experts and consultants dedicated to your project.

    We will arrange an access to our project management system so that you can interact with the team in real time and see your project and vision materialize week by week.

    We conduct Reviews on a periodic basis to ensure streamlined development, Ongoing product and project risk analysis and Regular demos to ensure alignment with the vision.

    Communication through various channels such as over the phone, video conferencing , WhatsApp, etc. to ensure correct configuration



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