Websites DIY or have it Done Professionally

The first webpage went live on the 6th of August 1991 dedicated to information made available by Tim Berners- Lee at CERN with a long address outlining how to build webpages and other information. This ushered the phenomena of the world wide web. Today, any business or service professional cannot think of competing in the market without a digital persona as most of the consumers rely on the internet and more recently their mobile handsets to glean information before opting for a service or making a purchase decision.

So, you are thinking of starting a website to represent your work, products or services?

The moment you start searching on how to go about things you are likely to be bombarded with 2 options. Do the website yourself (DIY) or have it done professionally? There is a third hybrid option that will be discussed as well later. This article will mainly discuss how you can come to a decision, the merits and demerits of both while underlining the most important factor, what is the right fit for you?

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Websites DIY or have it Done Professionally

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