6 Basic Steps of Website Development 

Starting a career in web development is complex. There are many languages and tools to learn; it may take a lot of work for a beginner to know where to start. 

In reality, it will be easier than you anticipate. Once you know the skills needed, you may quickly create the academic foundation for your future profession as a web developer

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The process of web design development can be broken down into 5 parts to prevent you from feeling overwhelmed: 

Gathering Information 

The first step is to collect all the project’s data. As a design team, you should raise relevant questions to learn more about the needs of the business. Study the client’s needs thoroughly before deciding on the website’s purpose and objectives. The most common goals are both knowledge exchange and financial gain. 

6 Basic Steps of Website Development by SoftPort

Preparing A Strategy, Creating A Wireframe 

Now that the information gathered in step one has been compiled, a detailed website plan can be developed. A site map is created at this point. A site map lists all the main subject categories and any relevant subtopics on a website. 

Customized software development services are provided by SoftPort, a website development agency in Orlando. It will help you create and deliver software specific to your unique organization’s needs. 


The design itself should be complete at this point. But typically, it only shows static visuals. Depending on how sophisticated the design is after converting it to HTML/CSS, a layer of animations or JavaScript must be applied. 

A “shell” for the inner pages is created first, then the homepage. The shell and main navigation of the website are models for the content pages. The design team’s job is to fill in the internal pages with content after this shell has been made. 

At this point, interactive consumer answers and online purchasing carts ought to be developed and put into use. 


Every page needs to be tested to ensure that all links function and show correctly in all browsers. Once your website has some traffic, you may use A/B testing strategies to identify the winning combination. 

Delivery and Launch 

The website can go live once the client gives you their final approval, the website can go live. The website must be double-checked to ensure that all files have been uploaded correctly and that everything works. 


Periodic maintenance is required after the website has gone live. User testing can be repeatedly done on new components and materials to improve the usability and discoverability of  

functionality. These all could result in fresh design and development responsibilities. 

The website development company in Tallahassee SoftPort, creates individualized dashboards that let users rapidly change the reporting settings to meet their own needs. 

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6 Basic Steps of Website Development 

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