7 Web Development Trends that will be Talk of Town in 2024

The modern tech world is evolving and developing new web technologies. These rapidly growing trends provide a lot of opportunities for you to connect with more users. Web development companies in Florida ensure that you succeed in the competitive market and grow your business. According to WebFX, 89% of consumers shop with a competitor after a poor user experience.

Now if you want to make your existing business more steady or want to build a successful web solution, then you need to implement the latest web development trends in 2024. Moreover, if you follow the trends then it increases connectivity and enhances your business. 

Today in this article, we will uncover the latest trends in web development in 2024. If you are learning or trying to find what a web developer actually does, then you can find the answer through this article.  

Latest Trends on Web Development You Need To Know About

Here we are going to discuss the future trends in web development. One can easily explore the best trends with the web development company in Florida. So, let’s check what they are.  

1. AI (Artificial Intelligence) 

Decades ago whenever people were talking about next-gen technology from nowhere artificial intelligence came the first position. And at last, it’s fully proofed. If you give or have your head in this field then you have an idea of how AI advances and how it impacts the web development world.

As you see ChatGPT, gave its hand in all fields. Finally, some big companies like Google, Microsoft, and Meta also known as Facebook, have also been releasing their generative AI technology. Google has one of them called “Bard”. All the generative AI technology is fully accessible to the users. 

With simpler access to required AI tools, it is expected that developers will start accessing AI in a new way. AI features are already widely used in data analytics.  

2. Low-code and No-code Tools

There is confusion on this to add this thing into the latest trends in web development. Surely low-code and no-code are successful and provide support to people who want to learn code, right? This is not the actual scene. 

While these kinds of tools continuously rise is in part an answer to the same coding skills gap that made web development a catchy career salary-wise. And the computers are not coming to take your jobs. Nevertheless, we would really need to train the developers to operate the low-code and no-code tools anyway. 

This kind of tool helps smaller businesses to get development work done faster. It is definitely done with the help of generative AI tools. There is an expectation that the low-code market is projected to grow by about $148.5 billion at the end of 2030. So keep this in mind. 

3. Internet of Things(IoT) 

Internet of things (IOT) by web development company in Florida

In the past when some people felt that the Internet of Things was already finished, some movement just discards this tell. Typically non-internet-connected objects are given network connectivity to send and receive data. And this is only the start.  

Any web developers may not be directly involved or connected in making such devices. UI designers are working more heavily through voice user interfaces. Coders are working on the application that uses, analyses, and displays the devices’ data.  

4. AI Chatbots 

This trend is expected as Generative AI enters the market in recent years. This is expected that this area of AI will especially grow in the year 2024. The reason behind this rise is the chatbot’s accuracy. As a result, the usability of chatbots is skyrocketing.  

The technology behind them, and the chances for backend developers are a lot, as they need more complex information retrieval, language processing, and machine learning systems to grow. Machine learning and AI developers are also popular AI jobs to explore this. Nowadays web developers have excellence in machine learning languages like Java, R, and Python.  

5. Angular 17 & Beyond 

Years back in 2016 when a new version of angular came into the market, it brought a lot of changes. One of the biggest changes is the Google-fronted javascript framework was been completely redesigned.  

Now it takes advantage of JavaScript ES6’s features. It’s an application written in Typescript. Now they are moving towards component-driven architecture. 

Not having regular scheduling and bad compatibility, angular has now planned for regular updates and Angular 18.0 will be released in May 2024

6. Yarn Package Manager 

Package managers are now a popular tool, especially for front-end javascript developers. They make it simpler to install, update, and uninstall code modules within their apps. It is done by them by engaging with the registry of code modules. It maintains different dependencies that code modules usually have. 

The most well-known JavaScript package managers are NPM and Bower. However, a new package manager has been deployed by Meta. which is Google and Tide. To make this Meta collaborated with Exponent.  

7. Static Website Generators 

Static website generators make websites from plain text, basically stored in files and not in databases. They handle traffic surges and offer enhanced speed, security, and ease of deployment, among other benefits. 

Nevertheless, they lack user-generated content (like comments) and real-time content, which are now “musts” on the internet. Many developers believe that static site generators will be a fascinating space to monitor in the upcoming year as Content Delivery Networks and APIs become more and more integrated into the web’s architecture, simplifying the deployment of content and templates. 

Static site generators may once again become the “IT” thing if the templates and markup are kept apart from the “full-stack” paradigm.

But, you don’t need to do all the hassles of using these website generators as you must get help from the experts of the field at a web development company in Florida 


Nothing on the internet stays still for too long, and this is especially true in the field of web development. Information is constantly evolving, and our approaches to dealing with it will also constantly change. 

Though web development trends may change over time, knowing the fundamentals thoroughly can benefit you in the long run. Before you join a trend or carve out a niche for yourself, make sure you have everything covered. 

So if you need any kind of boost related to web development you can contact SoftPort, the best web development company in Florida. For more details check out the website and get expert services.  

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